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About Us

Normally receiving an ecard is no fun. The ecard site sends out a link to the recipient of the card; the recipient then clicks the link and accesses the link on the site's website. This can be cumbersome & irritating; as a result many people who receive ecard links, never click them.

Flowers2000 provides a new way to send e-cards & greetings. The entire card arrives in the recipient's email, complete with background, pictures & text. There are no-links to click on and no need to visit websites. This simplification makes the receiving of ecards a pleasurable & beautiful experience.

In the 1st phase, Flowers2000 will provide a basic service of sending ecards. In the 2nd phase we will add features such as address book, reminder service, etc.

The best thing about Flowers2000 is that it's free and easy to use.

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